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Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

When we think about the impact that WordPress has had on the web, one area that often comes up is their goal to spread the democratization of publishing. I think it would be fair to say that they’ve done a great job of it. Just about anyone with internet access can create a blog and publish anything they’d like.

The beauty of that is something to behold. People are using the platform to do more than write down their thoughts, though. They’re taking the opportunity to spread the word about causes they care about – social, environmental, and political.

WP Roadmap – Product Feedback Board 

WP Roadmap provides an easy way for a group to provide feedback and make suggestions. Everything’s displayed as a Kanban board, making it easy to follow progress.

In addition, each item can be voted upon – so you’ll know exactly where members stand on specific issues. The plugin works in conjunction with the Gutenberg block editor and also has a widget for use with Elementor.

WP Roadmap – Product Feedback Board

HurryTimer – A Scarcity and Urgency Countdown Timer for WordPress & WooCommerce 

If you want to create a sense of urgency, HurryTimer is a WordPress plugin that can help. Use it to display various countdown timers on your site.

The free version allows for “evergreen” and “one-time” campaign types, while the Pro version adds the ability for “recurring” campaigns. This is a great option when time is of the essence.

HurryTimer – A Scarcity and Urgency Countdown Timer for WordPress & WooCommerce

WP Project Manager – Project, Task Management & Team Collaboration Software 

When you need to manage multiple people and tasks, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. WP Project Manager provides a way to bring everything under a single WordPress installation. Team members can create to-do lists, track progress, share files, and communicate.

Email notifications ensure that everyone is on the same page. The free version of the plugin works solely within the dashboard, while the Pro version includes front-end management and third-party integrations.

WP Project Manager – Project, Task Management & Team Collaboration Software

Speak Out! Email Petitions 

Petitions are a big part of activism, and WordPress features several options. Speak Out! Email Petitions is a fork of a previously popular plugin that appears to have been abandoned. The plugin is simple, but effective.

You create your petition, people sign it, and the results are emailed along to whomever you wish. Signers can also share the petition on social media. You can also export results and set signature goals, as well.

Speak Out! Email Petitions WordPress Plugin

Participants Database 

Participants Database helps site owners collect just about any information. It was originally developed to help an organization that wanted to maintain a list of concerned voters. Use it to create custom forms that can be submitted into your site’s database.

From there, you can display filtered results, and it’s even searchable. There are also a collection of add-ons available to bring more functionality to the table. This is a highly flexible plugin and could help virtually any organization that needs to maintain a database of people.

Participants Database WordPress Plugin

PTA Volunteer Signup Sheets 

Those looking to recruit volunteers will enjoy the flexibility of PTA Volunteer Signup Sheets. While the name suggests a usage for school parent/teacher associations, the plugin can be used for virtually any volunteer-based organization. You can create events that are single, multi-day, or recurring.

From there, volunteers can register on your site to lend a hand. The plugin features the ability to send email reminders, add specific tasks and time ranges to events and email all volunteers right from the WordPress admin. There are also a multitude of add-ons available for extended functionality.

PTA Volunteer Signup Sheets WordPress Plugin


Yes, everyone knows BuddyPress – the social platform for WordPress. It’s both well-known and a great option for any activism. The ability for a community to stay in touch keeps everyone involved. What’s more, it can be much more efficient than relying on traditional social media.

Members won’t have to filter through all the unrelated noise of Facebook and Twitter – all the relevant information they need is right in one neat package. Combine it with bbPress for even more capabilities.

BuddyPress WordPress Plugin


Give’s stated goal is to “Democratize Generosity.” The plugin enables an organization to accept commission-free donations online. It works with PayPal standard out-of-the-box and a number of other payment gateways via add-ons.

The donation forms are both attractive and effective, making it easy for visitors to become donors. And there is a robust back-end to the plugin that helps you keep track of donors and view reports.

Give WordPress Plugin

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