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Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

It is essential to keep your home clean to avoid germs that could harm your health and cause your dog to develop allergies. However, it would be counterproductive if your cleaning supplies are not safe for use around dogs.

Avoid the frustration of hunting for safe cleaning solutions with our easy-to-find list of pet friendly cleaning products!

What Are The Best Cleaning Products For Dog Owners?

Make your trip to the store a breeze without worrying about what cleaning products are dog friendly with our list of five best pet-friendly cleaning products separated by category so you can find what you need easily!

Pet-Friendly Detergent

Tide Purclean Unscented

Its USDA-certified, plant-based formula is free from dyes, chlorine, phosphates, and optical brighteners, making it completely safe for pets.

It is also unscented, so you don’t have to worry about perfumes irritating your pet’s skin or other senses.

Finding Pet Friendly Cleaning Products No Longer Needs To Feel Like Hunting For A Needle In A Haystack.

Pet-Safe Multi-Purpose Wipes

Clorox Anywhere Wipes

These gentle wipes efficiently clean all kinds of messes, no matter how greasy. While the bleach-free, unscented wipes are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning, the plant-based cleaning agent is perfect for all surfaces and completely safe to use around children and pets.

Pet-Friendly Floor Cleaners

Need a floor cleaner that addresses issues like odor, shine, bacteria control? Here’s our selection of top three products that will leave your floors clean and germ-free. The best part? There’s no residue, stickiness, or risk of discoloration (to your floors).

Odorite’s Natural Floor Cleaner

This highly concentrated, micro-biological cleaner formulated with active bacteria provides a thorough cleaning and controls odor.

It’s a natural product with no alcohol or chemicals, making it safe for use around pets. So you can say goodbye to nasty smells without having to risk your dog’s comfort or health.

Method Squirt+Mop Floor Cleaner

This biodegradable formula contains plant-based cleaners that remove dirt. The best part? You get an intense clean, and glossy shine without having to rinse your floors!

BubbleNut Wash Natural Floor Cleaner

A natural, organic floor cleaner, the BubbleNut Wash floor cleaner’s herbal formula is safe to be used around dogs and children. Ingredients such as lemongrass and citronella repel insects, while neem and tulsi kill germs and provide a rigorous cleaning.

Which Cleaning Products Are Unsafe For Dogs?

Knowing what not to buy is easier if you know exactly what to look out for. Here’s a list of harmful chemicals to avoid when exploring options for pet friendly cleaning products.

Ingredients To Avoid


This is a common ingredient in all types of cleaners as it effectively removes stains. However, ammonia is toxic to pets and can cause skin and eye irritations. It can also cause severe burning in their nose, throat, and stomach if they accidentally lick it.


Bleach’s strong scent is likely to hurt your dog’s nose as they have a hypersensitive sense of smell. This can cause breathing problems and also result in serious health issues if they ingest it by mistake.


Often listed as “fragrances,” this family of ingredients can be dangerous to your pet if inhaled. Present in air fresheners, cleaning sprays, and carpet fresheners, these are meant to reduce the odor around the house but can harm your pet in the process.

If you do use a product containing phthalates, you must ensure that your pet is not present in the room.

Sodium Hydroxide

This is a common ingredient in most heavy-duty cleaners and must be used with extreme caution in general. However, if you have a dog, it is best to avoid it as the mildest contact with Sodium Hydroxide can cause severe reactions such as burning your dog’s throat or nose.


A common ingredient in scouring powder, clothes whiteners, toilet cleaners, and mildew removers, chlorine can cause skin irritations due to prolonged exposure externally. It could also dull your dog’s coat and dry their eyes, and cause severe health concerns if ingested.

How To Choose A Safe Cleaning Product For Your Pet

Here’s how you can ensure that your cleaning products do not harm your pets in any way:

Read The Labels

Go through the ingredients list to ensure that there are no harsh chemicals that could potentially harm your dog.

Also, follow the instructions written on the label and ensure that you dilute the product as recommended.

Ensuring That You Are Using Pet Friendly Cleaning Products Could Save Your Dog From Being Seriously Hurt.

Clean All Your Cleaning Equipment And Tools

If you are using liquid cleaners, always rinse your buckets and mops. When done, dispose of the wipes properly and secure the lid of your garbage bags so your dog doesn’t get their paws into them. Don’t forget to close your storage cabinets so your dog does not have access to the supplies, as they could hurt themselves while exploring.

Use Regular Laundry Detergent

Avoid harsh cleaning agents and fragrances that could irritate your dog, especially when washing bed sheets, blankets, and pillow covers that your dog frequently sleeps on. The same applies to when you wash their toys.

How To Keep Your House Clean With Your Pet Around?

Considering everything we’ve mentioned, it may seem like a Herculean task to keep your house clean while you have a dog running around.

It’s understandable – they are curious and energetic creatures that do not realize when something could harm them.

This dog guide ensures that your home remains spick and span while your dog is safe from cleaning supplies-related injuries.

Let Your Dog Out When It’s Time To Clean

You can kill two birds with one stone – get your dog their daily dose of exercise, and clean the house. How? Just let them out in the backyard when you decide to clean the house!

They can run around and play, and you can deep clean the house without the risk of them being hurt.

If you don’t wish to send them out alone, encourage the kids or your partner to take the dog out for a walk to the park or even down the street.

The Easiest Way To Prevent The House From Getting Dirty In The First Place, Is To Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Get Their Dirty, Muddy Paws All Over The House.

Have A Cleaning Station Near The Entrance

“Prevention is better than cure.”

Just a couple of wipes, a sturdy doormat, a spray bottle, some dog towels, and maybe a few handy treats are enough.

You don’t have to keep this at your main entrance and ruin the aesthetic – keep it at your backdoor or on the porch if you wish!

Divide The Work

You could divide the work, so it gets done quicker, which means you will have to keep your dog distracted for less time. Alternatively, you could hire a house cleaning Las Vegas service, or a service wherever you’re based, so the job is done as quickly as possible while you distract your pup! 

If you’re working alone, keep your dog entertained in one room and close the door as you clean the other.

You could also train them to sit in a designated corner in the house or on their bed, so they do not obstruct your cleaning. Just bribe them with a treat for good behavior once you’re done!

Clean Around Your Dog’s Schedule

If your dog is comfortably settled down for a nap, they’re unlikely to bother you while you go about your business. This is a great time to get a quick cleaning finished!

Another great way to keep the house neat is to tidy up on the go. This means that your more intense cleaning sessions will also take less time as you’ll be starting with a relatively tidy home.

You can also ask someone to dog-sit for you when you occasionally want to deep clean your house as it won’t take too long.

Indulge Your Dog If They Get Too Restless

If you can, take breaks during your cleaning routine to indulge your dog in some hugs or play a game of fetch.

If you’re just sweeping the house, you could ask your dog to pass you the broom to make them feel involved if they are too restless. You could also keep an extra mop or brush that you don’t use to clean to keep your dog occupied—they may leave you alone once they feel like they’ve accomplished something by helping you out.


Feb 23, 2023

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